czwartek, 29 marca 2012

There is something about the pastels

Today I also put on the pastel colors but in a different combination:)
Just take a look:)

And I'd like to thank you for all your great comments!!
 It means a lot to me!!:) 

środa, 28 marca 2012

Everybody wears mint

Today I want to show you one of my favourite outfits from last year;)
Yes, I bought these mint pants last year;) 
It was love at the first side:) 
And I had no idea this color would be so popular this year.

Today I matched my minties with a coral sweater, a light blue jacket and the white flats.
I also added accessories in mint, white and coral.
I really like outfits like this one:)

poniedziałek, 26 marca 2012

Checked shirt and sneakers

Hi ladies,

Today I'd like to present you a comfortable outfit but still quite elegant. 
I mean sneakres matched with a checked shirt.
How do you like outfit like this one??:)

piątek, 23 marca 2012

Fuchsia chiffon blouse

Hi sweeties,

Finally I could wear my chiffon blouse which I had bought a few weeks ago:)

I matched it with the black items 'cause I didn't want my set to be overwhelmed by a 'barbie style';)

How do you like that combo??:)

czwartek, 22 marca 2012

Daisy Duck

I'd like to present you a combo which could be seen in the previous post.

But I matched a Daisy Duck t-shirt and fuchsia pants with sneakers and a jeans jacket.

I love fuchsia, really;)

A few years ago I had a lot clothes in that color but people looked really strange at me;) 
Maybe they overreacted but I decided to get rid of a part of my pink clothes;)

I don't regret but now I have to start collecting new pink items;)

So what do you think about pink/fuchsia??

środa, 21 marca 2012

Red pants, again and a fake bow tie

Today again I put on my red pants. I must admit that I really like them.

I always wanted to have red pants but when I was in Orsay I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy them.
I asked a lady at the counter if the pants could be tucked away for a day cause I had to sleep on buying it.
She agreed. But I didn't have to think a lot.
I bought them on the next day.

I think it was a really good decision:)

Today I present you them with a black jacket, high heels and bow tie t-shirt;)

wtorek, 20 marca 2012

Red pants and striped blazer

Hi huns,

The weather is getting so much better:) 
The sun is shining, it's quite warm and people smile:)
Even flies showed up:P

So I put all my caps, gloves, scarfs and warm coats to the wardrobe. 
I hope they will be pulled out next Winter;)

Finally the light colors can be worn:D

That's why today I put on my new red pants and matched them with a striped blazer.

How do you like the final effect??:)


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2. ZEBERKA CONTEST:  my make up, click HERE and press "Lubię to" below all photos;)

poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

New in

Hello sweeties,

Today just a short post with new in.

So new red pants and...

...a white belt;) 

Both bought in Orsay with a 20% discount.

I'll show U an outfit with these items tomorrow.

Have a nice evening. 


niedziela, 18 marca 2012

I want your boyfriend now!

Hi girls,

As you probably read in previous post, my fiance is an amatuer football player (in a B class team). 
The season will start next Sunday (i just can't wait). But for the last three weeks there had been sparrings, yesterday too.

So today I present you an outfit from yesterday. 
I had taken photos before we left to see/play a game.
It was such a sunny day yesterday (I hope Winter won't come back;)).
I saw people wearing t-shirts and shorts (yes, seriously:P).
But I didn't want to overdo so I put on a pair of jeans, t-shirt and my coral jacket.
And of course my new sneakers:D

How does it look in your opinion??:)

bKUO6y on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

piątek, 16 marca 2012

Black sneakers and denim pumps


Last year I realised that I loved wearing sneakers:) 
They are very comfortable, they match almost everything and most of them ar cute;)
So today there is an outfit with my black ankle sneakers;) and my lovely pumps:D

czwartek, 15 marca 2012

There is something about the snake

Hi dears,

Today I'd like to show you my outfit with a snake bag and a belt and my new patent shoes:) 

It was warmer than yesterday so I could take photos without a jacket, finally:D

I hope you will like it:)

środa, 14 marca 2012

Leopard bow tie + new clutch from

Hi ladies,

I have to admit that I don't like wearing shirts but sometimes I feel desire for them.
Today was that day but I wanted to match it with something unusual.
And I thought about my leopard scarf.
And I just tied a bow;)

How do you like it??

And at the end of that post there are pics of my beauftiful clutch:D:D:D

Btw please support me in the Lenor contest- vote for me here CLICK (press "Głosuj") :)

wtorek, 13 marca 2012

High heels- another pair


Today I'd like to show you my new pair of high heels (bought from

I'm going to the wedding in April and I want to wear orange shoes. That's why I bought them. 

They are quite high but I hope they'll be comfortable;)

Heels and platform are red but the rest is orange;)

And now I'm waiting for my clutch (a pic taken from the e-shop where I bought it).
I just can't wait to have it:D

poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012


Hi girls,

Today there is a quick post 'cause I'm really sleepy and I don't have an inspiration to write a lot;)
So here is my outfit from today;)

Btw please support me in the Lenor contest- vote for me here CLICK (press "Głosuj") :)

piątek, 9 marca 2012

Sun was shining

Hi girls,

Yesterday it was snowing and today sun was shining. What a stupid weather:P
It was so sunny, I wish I had worked:P 

No, I'm joking. 
I like my job but sometimes I regret I can not take a long walk during work when the weather is so nice, sun is shining and you can feel in the air that Spring is coming.

I can not wait to sit on a swing outside my house and do nothing:) Just swinging and catching the sun rays:)
Mmmm, It would be so nice...

But for now I just can dream about that. 
I've to wait;)

Below you can see my set from today.

czwartek, 8 marca 2012

Shorts in winter

I was so sure that Winter had went away.
I was so surprised when I saw snow outside. 
Snow, you know, snow- wtf??:P 
Spring really teases us...
I want so much to start wearing light clothes but I think we have to wait...
But I don't care and I wore shorts today:)
I like them so much. It is a souvenir from my trip to the USA. 
I wear them all the time, I think they're indestructible and immortal:P
So here is my set:)

Btw please support me in the Lenor contest- vote for me here CLICK (press "Głosuj") :)

środa, 7 marca 2012

Sunny but still cold

I have a feeling that Spring is teasing us. 
The sun is shining but it is still cold (frosty in the morning). 
I can't wait to wear light clothes and spring shoes.

So because of frosty morning today there is a 'warm' stylization with winter shoes, again;)
But I brought in some orange items to my set:)

It is quite similar to my contest stylization
(please vote for me, click HERE and press "Głosuj", 
more about this stylization 

wtorek, 6 marca 2012

The Dalton brothers + NEW IN


Yesterday I had no idea what to wear.

I work so I set out my outfit the day before. 
I know myslef and the next day I wouldn't know what to wear and I'd stand in front of my closet and think. 
And naturally I don't have time for that in the morning.

So I figured out that today I'd present you an outfit with my striped leggins. 
My friend called them "The Dalton brothers' leggins" and he calls me "A Dalton brother":) 
They attract attention which is quite nice.

How do you like them??:)

Btw please support me in the Lenor contest- vote for me here CLICK (press "Głosuj") :)

poniedziałek, 5 marca 2012

I luv me

Hi ladies,

Finally I can show you an outfit with my lovely Mosquito blazer:)
It was quite warm today so I could take pics without a jacket.
I hope you like my set;)

Btw please support me in the Lenor contest- vote for me here CLICK (press "Głosuj") :)

niedziela, 4 marca 2012

Support: Lenor contest/ konkurs Lenor'a

Cześć dziewczyny,

Biorę udział w konkursie Lenor'a.

Ideą konkursu jest zrobienie zdjęcia stylizacji, utrzymanej w kolorystyce niebiesko-zielonej, która jest inspirowana zapachem DuoAroma Lenor'a. 

Tutaj jest link do mojej stylizacji: KLIK

Proszę zagłosujcie na mnie- kliknijcie w link i wciśnijcie "Głosuj":)
Można oddać tylko jeden głos, a więc każdy głos się liczy.

Mogę wygrać profesjonalną sesję w miesięczniku Avanti bądź bransoletkę:)
Będę Wam wdzięczna za każdy głos:):*

Z góry dziękuję:):*


Hi girls,

I'm taking a part in the Lenor contest.

The main idea of this contest is to take a photo of a blue-green styling which is inspired by DuoAroma Lenor fragrance.

Here is the link to my stylization: CLICK

Please vote for me- click in that link and then click "Głosuj" (it's in Polish):) 
You can vote just once so every voice is very important.

I can win a photo shoot in Avanti (a Polish fashion monthly) or a bracelet:) 
I'll be really grateful for every voice:):*

Thanks in advance:):*

Moja stylizacja konkursowa:
My stylization for the contest:

piątek, 2 marca 2012

A really long post: OOTD + new in + contest

Hello my ladies,

Today I want to present you my simple outfit and new stuff. 

And I have a favor, I would be really happy if you voted for my set. 
Everything is written at the end of that post:)

A little sneak peek and let's start:D

czwartek, 1 marca 2012

So collar one more time...

Hi babies,

I fell in love with collars, seriously:) 

A few weeks ago I bought 2 collars at allegro (black and white) and I'm looking for another (or maybe I'll do sth by myself). 

You could have seen the black one in my previous sets. The white one hasn't been worn yet;) 
In April I'm going to the weddign so I think it will make my day;)

So today I matched it with striped blouse and a plain pair of jeans. Again a simple outfit. 

And what is your opinion about collars?? Do you prefer a schoolgirl style??:)

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