niedziela, 18 marca 2012

I want your boyfriend now!

Hi girls,

As you probably read in previous post, my fiance is an amatuer football player (in a B class team). 
The season will start next Sunday (i just can't wait). But for the last three weeks there had been sparrings, yesterday too.

So today I present you an outfit from yesterday. 
I had taken photos before we left to see/play a game.
It was such a sunny day yesterday (I hope Winter won't come back;)).
I saw people wearing t-shirts and shorts (yes, seriously:P).
But I didn't want to overdo so I put on a pair of jeans, t-shirt and my coral jacket.
And of course my new sneakers:D

How does it look in your opinion??:)

bKUO6y on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

jacket- Mosquito
t-shirt- Reserved
jeans- Cropp
sneakers, bag-
glasses- Humphrey’s by Eschenbach

5 komentarzy:

  1. Life is Life
    swietny stroj dnia

  2. Świetny kolor marynarki ;) a córka ma na imię Julia

  3. Wow cool blazer and shirt.
    Like the fresh colour :)

    Ina :*

  4. I love the combo of the t-shirt and the beautiful blazer, love it!


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