piątek, 9 marca 2012

Sun was shining

Hi girls,

Yesterday it was snowing and today sun was shining. What a stupid weather:P
It was so sunny, I wish I had worked:P 

No, I'm joking. 
I like my job but sometimes I regret I can not take a long walk during work when the weather is so nice, sun is shining and you can feel in the air that Spring is coming.

I can not wait to sit on a swing outside my house and do nothing:) Just swinging and catching the sun rays:)
Mmmm, It would be so nice...

But for now I just can dream about that. 
I've to wait;)

Below you can see my set from today.

sweater- Tally Weijl
belt, bag-
shoes- Lux
earrings, jacket- Orsay
pants, blouse- Pimkie

7 komentarzy:

  1. ślicznie wyglądasz , podoba mi się taki stój :)
    serdecznie pozdrawiam

  2. Świetne połączenie. Buty wymiatają ;)

  3. świetny outfit, bardzo ładnie wyglądasz:)

  4. rewelacyjna stylizacja :) !
    Byle do wtorku, ponoc będzie piekna wiosna ;)

  5. Really nice blog and outfit : )
    See me if you want !!
    Kiss : **

  6. Świetny sweter :)
    zapraszam do siebie !


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