czwartek, 1 marca 2012

So collar one more time...

Hi babies,

I fell in love with collars, seriously:) 

A few weeks ago I bought 2 collars at allegro (black and white) and I'm looking for another (or maybe I'll do sth by myself). 

You could have seen the black one in my previous sets. The white one hasn't been worn yet;) 
In April I'm going to the weddign so I think it will make my day;)

So today I matched it with striped blouse and a plain pair of jeans. Again a simple outfit. 

And what is your opinion about collars?? Do you prefer a schoolgirl style??:)

blouse- Pimkie
pants- Pimkie
collar- allegro
shoes- CCC
sweater- F&F

And my new bag, bought today:D 
It is cute, isn't it??:)

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